5 drive bays, Antec also stuck to what has worked for them

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buy moncler jackets Antec recommends using their NeoPower 480W or Phantom 500W PSUs with this case, my guess is that they have longer power cables and are overall optimized for the case configurationAs with the ducting on moncler outlet online other Antec cases, moncler outlet jackets I think it is a good idea in theory, but not necessarily practice as the ducting is limiting in its size (92mm fan attachment) as well as moncler outlet sale the inability to move vertically or adjust depth. Those who plan on using a stock cooling might benefit from the ducting, however those who plan on using any of numerous cooling solutions will probably end up removing the ducting.Like the https://www.moncleroutletsite.com rest of their 2005 line, Antec bypassed the design implemented by most other companies. moncler factory outlet I have never cared for as after switching video cards or other devices in and out, they moncler outlet tend cheap moncler jackets to break after a couple of changes.When it came to the 5.25 and external 3.5 drive bays, Antec also stuck to what has worked for them. buy moncler jackets

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