) said at a press conference on Wednesday

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Canada Goose Online The world largest social network is under fire for sharing users personal information, which was then used to influence election results.But the scandal, which is now stretching into its fourth week, can be tricky to fully comprehend.Even some US senators demonstrated a misunderstanding of the issues involved in Facebook Cambridge Analytica data breach while questioning CEO Mark Zuckerberg today.We compiled a list of common questions canada goose uk and their answers to make sure you fully informed.BODY LANGUAGE: What Zuckerberg revealed during testimonyTIMELINE: How Facebook became a trainwreckANALYSIS: The simple question that broke Facebook CEOWhat sparked this scandal?In 2013, Cambridge University researcher Aleksandr Kogan created a personality quiz that he launched on Facebook. About 300,000 users signed up for it, and agreed to give its creator access to their information. But Dr Kogan also harvested information from users entire network of friends without their permission, which enabled him to see details from as many as 87 million users.Data firm Cambridge Analytica is at the heart of Facebook’s biggest scandal to date Canada Goose Online.