International Refugee Summit St. Pauli

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„Lampedusa“: this word brought back the attention to the catastrophic situation of many refugees. Not anywhere, but right here among us, in St. Pauli. Many fans of FC St. Pauli do a great and indispensable job in supporting them. That’s not too suprising – away from the general public, several fan groups engage in supporting refugees and not just in Germany.
On Saturday, October 26, groups from different countries and backgrounds come together in the Fanräume in the Gegengerade stand of the Millerntor to discuss, play some football and enjoy.

The “International Refugee Summit St. Pauli” is organised by several groups from “1910 – Museum für den FC St. Pauli e.V.” to Fanräume e.V. to “USP Antirazzista”. The supported groups include

  • Lampedusa in Hamburg
  • United Glasgow FC – a football club for refugees, asylum seekers, and socially disadvantaged people, based in Glasgow
  • USP Antirazzista
    ongoing support for refugees in the deportation camp “Horst”, Lampedusa in Hamburg, and other groups
  • PAFRAS Leeds/England – “Positive Action for Refugees & Asylum Seekers”, supported and represented here by Yorkshire St. Pauli

The programme for Saturday, October 26:

  • 11 am: meet up at the St. Pauli church, then walking together through the district to the “Fanräume”
  • 12 noon: Brunch in the “Fanräume”
  • Presentations of the different groups, Q&A
  • 5 pm: football match FC Lampedusa vs. United Glasgow FC on the 3G pitches behind the north stand
  • Afterwards get together in the “Fanräume”

There will be no charges. Those who can are invited to donate.

Solidarity Party in Jolly Roger, October 24
To raise further funds for the support of refugees, Yorkshire St. Pauli organised for a solidarity party in Jolly Roger for the Thursday. They will provide DJs playing a variety of music styles. The money made with special drink offers will be donated.

Other activities
We would also like to mention the protest march against “danger areas” and racial profiling by the police, starting on October 26, 1 pm at the Rote Flora. Choose or combine the activities as it fits your personal preferences.

Participating And Supporting Organisations
1910 – Museum für den FC St. Pauli e.V.
Lampedusa in Hamburg
USP Antirazzista
Gezi Park Fiction St. Pauli Catering Team
St. Pauli Roar Solidaritäts-Espresso
Ballkult e.V./Jolly Roger
Fanräume e.V.
Yorkshire St. Pauli
St. Pauli CSC